Christmas For All, an after-Christmas community initiative was founded by Line Millier and launched with the help of close friends almost five years ago now. Year after year, new D&A professionals wish to help and choose to get involved. In 2019, the event began a new
partnership with Accueil Bonneau.

The event consists of distributing warmth to the homeless when they are most forgotten and left to themselves: during the Holidays and the long winter season that follows. Volunteers hand out boots, fast food restaurant gift cards, winter coats, mittens and hats, hygiene products and pharmaceuticals and, most importantly, free smiles, closeness and dignity.

The community initiative is not a registered charity foundation meaning no tax receipt may be issued. However, when producing your corporate income taxes, you may join receipts of given items and your accounting professionals will be able to produce the appropriate deductions.

Our partnership with the Accueil Bonneau entitles us to deliver donations receipts for tax purposes for cash donations and gifts in food and clothing.

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