European Engineering. Montreal Design.

FAB.LINE’s FAB.Wood floor covering collections is designed in Montreal, making it a eco-friendlier, cost-effective and fast-delivered alternative to European imports.

The FAB.Wood collections spring from visionary founder Line Millier’s desire to imagine and offer locally an engineered wood collection inspired by the refinement of European and Scandinavian brands.

Established local makers were challenged and convinced to modify their ways and elevate their products to European aesthetics and appeal. New techniques, finishes and varnishes were worked into their operations in order to create more contemporary lines of products.

Catering to the wide range of projects Canadian and Quebecois designers, architects and contractors while spearing them the inconveniences, higher costs and longer delays of imported products, the brand offers three collections of quality products: FAB.Wood condo, commercial and privé, well established in Quebec and Ontario and soon to be made available on the US market.

London Eye

FAB.Wood condo

The locally designed FAB.Wood condo collection caters to hotels and condo towers. It was specifically designed and built for our North-American climate, which drastically ranges from extreme colds to summer heats. It is adapted to non-optimal, harsher …

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London Eye

FAB.Wood commercial

The locally designed FAB.Wood commercial collection caters to hotel and grand-scale
leisure design needs. It features a select grade of pre-varnished European oak.

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Big Ben

FAB.Wood privé

The locally designed FAB.Wood privé caters to luxury grand scale projects such as penthouses and private residences. The custom wood collection features both engineered and massive wood, previously oiled and varnished.

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