Triple-founder of FAB.LINE and its house-brand lines FAB.Wood and FAB.Acoustik, Montrealer Line Millier is a self-described “fab hunter”.
She started out in fashion and transitioned into commercial design and has always had a keen eye for quality design and master workmanship and a true passion for product design. Throughout her career, the visionary businesswoman has proven that bold business moves and creative leaps lead to a successful and driven career. The triple-threat of FAB.LINE, FAB.Wood and FAB.Acoustik she single-handedly created is an outstanding example of her business vision. 

Launched in 2014, FAB.LINE offers a wide range of wall and floor coverings designed and manufactured in Europe, the United States, and now Canada, as well as Europe’s top-notch design brand of avant-garde wall-to-wall carpeting.

Its success is such that, in many instances, lines and products introduced on the market by FAB.LINE caught the interest of larger local distributors who signed deals with manufacturers, leaving FAB.LINE with lines lost. After three product lines lost in the same year, the design advocate innovated by creating house brands FAB.Wood and FAB.Acoustik.

In 2017, after visiting Scandinavian and European factories and hotels, the adventurous entrepreneur returned home with a new mission in mind. FAB.Wood springs from the desire to produce an engineered wood collection entirely made in Quebec, showcasing optimal quality and local expertise. To make this happen, she challenged and convinced established local makers to change certain ways and elevate their products to European aesthetics and appeal. As per Fab.Line’s latest offer, FAB.Acoustik is a line of Canadian custom-made acoustic tiles inspired by European quality design.
Often invited to present her products to University and College design and architecture students and challenge their understanding of product design, Line Millier also acts as a “first respondent” to Montreal’s A&D professionals, seeking the best solutions in wall and floor coverings. In fact, Fab.Line’s wide array of quality products are specified in most of the city’s major building sites under way and completed such as The Queen Elisabeth Hotel, the Canadiens Tower 2, the Observatoire de la Place Ville-Marie, the OSM’s Salle Symphonique, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Bell Centre, Birks, Avril Supermarket, National Bank and many more. 
When the Holiday Season comes around, her organizational skills serve the neediest by generously running the Après-Noël des sans-abris, distributing goods to the city’s homeless with friends. With some architects and designers already involved, she wishes to further engage and involve the A&D community in this cause and event.