Ter Hurne

For generations decor panels from ter Hürne have enhanced the possibilities for individual interior design. Besides the vast stylistic variety mirroring the spirit of time for decades, one thing has not changed: our determination towards quality of the product. Its functionality for all living areas and the reliable durability over many years represent a real investment in the future – right from the start. With our own personal interior design we create a sense of life around us for which the employed colour scheme is the most influential factor. Therefore the decor panels are subdivided into four types of style enabling each and every one to create one’s own, personal ambience. It is easy to find your personal decor intuitively in the variety of panels.

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KriskaDECOR is a leading design brand, achieving international acclaim as a representative of Spanish design. Quick to anticipate trends in interior design of restaurants, hotels bars and the home. KriskaDECOR has collaborated with some of the worlds most renowned designers and architects all over the world. A mix of creativity, innovation and production results in products that are modern, chic and luxurious.

This beautiful collection includes custom made and made to measure curtains, designer curtain collections, lighting solutions, statement art, decorative acessories and products. KriskaDECOR is a family run company with a historic heritage, using craftsmanship to hand finish and sustain high quality and ethical products.

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Keiou design lab

Based in Vancouver, BC Canada, Keiou Design Lab specializes in exploring the possibilities of 3-dimensional surface design.

We design and manufacture products from start to finish in our creative studio and production facility. This process ensures every project delivers an exclusive spatial impression.

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Alphenberg leather

Unique Distinctive, Striking, Different; it has all been said already. And it’s also incredibly beautiful! ALPHENBERG® leather floor and wall tiles will make your home, office or shop look extremely attractive. Be inspired by the world of ALPHENBERG®. Welcome!

Comfortable If you get ALPHENBERG®, you will get a very comfortable floor in your home. The floor dampens sound, it can be easily cleaned, and it combines extremely well with under floor heating. By using the different varieties you can create the right atmosphere in every room. Tundra and pampas, from sturdy to sleek!

Sustainable ALPHENBERG® uses a waste product and processes this into a high-quality, biologically stable product. ALPHENBERG® floors have been tanned in an environmentally friendly way and they are biologically degradable; the floor tiles are fully recyclable.

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Meystyle wallpaper

Meystyle’s mission is to rescue walls from the background, integrating bold patterns with Led lights and crystals to create a deep visual experience that transforms walls and wallpaper into works of art.

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Felt studio

The FELT studio specializes in feature walls for residential, commercial and institutional environments. Each project is customized to create a continuous, seamless, built-in look. Panels are fabricated in the studio according to site measurements. Specialized pieces required to fit corners, curves or other structural elements may be made in the studio and detailed on site with assistance from Kathryn Walter depending on scope, budget and site conditions.

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